Suction capacity: ASHMA - ECO comes with a suction capacity of 2000±50m³/Hr. The high suction capacity will keep your kitchen smoke-free and spotless.
Size: Known for its superior suction technology, this 90cm chimney is ideal for medium-sized kitchens with heavy frying and grilling.
Illumination type: The appliance comes with energy-efficient LED lamps to illuminate the cooking area while you are cooking. The lamps ensure that you have sufficient light for cooking.
Speed control: The heavy-duty chimney comes with three speeds to choose from. You can adjust the speed of the suction as per your cooking requirements.
Switch control: This chimney comes touch panel. With just a touch of buttons, you can control the speed of the suction and illuminate the hob area. The touch control makes it easy for the user to change the settings with just one hand.
Low noise level: Though the suction power of the chimney is high, it doesn’t make too much noise. With noise level at 58 dB, this chimney doesn’t cause much disturbance while you are cooking.
LAYOUT: HOOD (2.5 ft) BODY: MS SIZE: 75 Cm Unit Dimension(mm): L750 X W280 X H475mm
Illumination type: LED Lamp Illumination Power: 2 X max 2W Auto Clean type: Intelligent Auto Clean Autoclean Power(W): 75 W Total Power(W): 279 W SUCTION(m3/h): 1600±50m³/Hr Noise Level(dBA): 58 dB Speed Control: 2 Switch Control: Touch Control Outlet Diameter(mm): 150mm